So the holiday season is upon us. The time when Christmas decorations abound, and the occasional menorah can be found (hey that rhymes). I don’t know why, but somehow Christmas manages to last longer than Chanukah. Sure Chanukah is eight days long while Christmas is technically one, but let’s be honest: in this country the entire month of December is Christmas. You can’t escape it.

And what symbolizes these three and a half weeks of Christmas holiday pageantry better than anything else?

Advent Calendars.

Thirst Studios based in Melbourne, Australia designed one called This advent calendar is particularly awesome from my perspective, mainly because it’s dedicated to UX Designers and looks really amazing to boot. It covers the tips, tricks, and woes of the UX community, with articles written by a variety of people who work in the field. The writing manages to be both interesting and humorous (love the Douglas Adams quote). Plus, the interactions are a nice touch.



I like how the little windows open just like an actual advent calendar would.



Future days are blurred out until it’s time for them to be opened, so you get both a new article and a new illustration every day:



That’s all for now, so Happy Christmakwanzikka to all, and to all a good night.