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Storyboarding is More Like Pictionary

So I know I’ve talked about storyboarding before. In fact it’s one of only a few design topics I have covered (because I don’t write here that much, not because there aren’t a lot of important design topics). That alone should tell you that I think storyboarding (actually just sketching in general) is a pretty
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The Importance of Storyboarding in Design

Storyboarding isn’t just for animators and cartoonists. Designers should be taking advantage of storyboarding techniques in their work as well. It’s important for all creative types. Storyboarding is a great tool for group brainstorming, idea generation, and iteration. No matter how many words are exchanged between two people, sometimes you get to the end of
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The Type Tree

I really need to start checking Imprint Magazine more often because I almost missed this little treasure:   A really interesting piece of history found by the amazing Steven Heller. This poster, tracing the lineage of different typefaces, was produced by the Bauer Type Foundry in 1937 to celebrate their 100th anniversary. I’m really enjoying
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