Fields to Fork • Branding & UX/UI
Fields to Fork was a concept created at Boston's Startup Weekend July, 2013. It connects restaurants with the farmers who supply fresh local produce, giving farmers greater exposure and connecting them to potential clients while making it easier for chefs to find the ingredients they want, all grown locally. The entire project was conceptualized and executed in a 54-hour time period. Market research was conducted at farmers markets, mockups were created, and all coding was done in a caffeine-filled frenzy.
The Fields to Fork app gives farmers the opportunity to take pictures and list available produce on their profile pages, along with displaying their satisfied customers and any upcoming farmers markets they will be attending.
The sign up and log in process for the Fields to Fork app, targeted at farmers and restaurants
Website companion to the mobile app, easier for restaurants to browse multiple farmers and markets
Infographic explaining the concept behind Fields to Fork, connecting farmers through the mobile app and restaurants through the website
(on a side note, when you are sleep deprived a cleaver-wielding chef is hilarious)