Snipp • Note-taking Application
Snipp is a note-taking application that is rugged enough to be used out in field and full-featured enough for the thoughtful cataloging of information and knowledge discovery. Snipp documents learning through the capture of bite-size pieces of knowledge called "Snipps." These Snipps can be organized and shared with other users in the community.

The user's access to a community of learners interested in the same subjects is a steady draw for using the app. In addition, elements of gamification in the form of Knowledge Points are added to the experience in order to further enrich the user's experience and encourage continuous use by tracking the user's progress.
Getting started with a short tutorial and login
User Profile shows your Knowledge Points and Snipp Lists.
Notifications and Knowledge Points track your progress in a specific tag.
Create a Snipp to capture a bite-sized piece of knowledge. Customize capture options such as privacy, geolocation, and tags.
Capture your notes in the form of text, audio, photo, or video files.
View, filter, and organize all the Snipps you have created.
View Snipp details to see comments and Snipp Lists it is included in. Edit to add descriptions and change tags.
You can add comments to other users Snipps. If you have gained enough KP to be an expert, you can leave more detailed feedback.
Snipp Lists let you organize individual Snipps into groups of information
A Snipp List is a group of saved Snipps that can belong to you or other users. Snipp Lists can be commented on and shared.