Song Assembly Required • UX/UI
The Song Assembly Required project, commissioned by The Echo Nest, was created to showcase their music platform's impressive capabilities. Our project goals included:

    1. Analyzing Echo Nest technology and identifying client's needs
    2. Brainstorming preliminary solutions
    3. Identifying target audience
    4. Creating low-fidelity project prototypes

Our project team conceptualized an application that turned songs into puzzle games. The app would turn any uploaded song into a puzzle by leveraging the technology of Echo Nest's music platform, which is able to divide songs into sections by different attributes such as bars, beats, tatums, and length. We created personae, designed a simple prototype and conducted user research.

Proposed Puzzle Features:

Each colored box represents a short music clip that, when lined up correctly, play part of a song. Each line of boxes make up one level, and when all levels are completed, the entire song plays. Completing the puzzle also unlocks a bonus DJ version of the song where pieces can be moved around so players can create their own music.
Music clips are moved to the correct slots by dragging. The music clip plays when the box is touched or dragged.
Each level is timed and scored, when one level is complete, the next level opens onto a new part of the song
Visual as well as auditory indicators will give the player hints if they are stuck or running out of time. When the puzzle is completed, the player has the option of engaging in a remix version of the song, where the order of the song clips can be rearranged, reversed, repeated, or skipped to create new songs.
Proposed User Interactions